title In a world full of services such as Squarespace and platforms that offer “customizable websites for the average person”, it is becoming increasingly frustrating to hear the term “graphic designer”. Anyone who buys the program and watches enough tutorials are able to build a website or design a logo, and their “aesthetic” are driven by trends, what’s popular, sites such as Dribbble, or are fed to them through these platforms’ algorithms. I was listening to a podcast with Eric Hu hosted by Mary H.K. Choi and they were discussing today’s youth and how artists are either scrapers or diggers. The scrapers settle with what they first find, and they follow what the algorithms offer; whereas the diggers search for designers, they don’t flaunt in the mainstream instead they search for artists that stretch current boundaries.
My biggest goal for this class is to create a website that houses all of the pdf’s, curriculum materials, and handouts that I’ve collected since my time here. One of the biggest problems within the design world is how artists love to hoard material, typefaces and act cool about it. I want to be able to provide the public with an easy, open-source website that offers material and helps others think of graphic design in a non-commercial perspective.